Florida football MUST-READ: Dan Mullen trolls Georgia

Georgia fans still think about the 44-28 beatdown the Florida Gators handed their Bulldogs in 2020. As if that isn’t hard enough already for them to get over it, Florida’s head coach Dan Mullen did not pull any punches at SEC Media Day.

Georgia fans have not been very fond of me all offseason, as I pointed out that Florida quarterback Emory Jones is better than Georgia quarterback JT Daniels.

I was simply just speaking the truth, and it will be a lot of fun to watch all season.

Speaking the truth about anything related to Florida vs. Georgia makes Bulldog fans angry, so you have to be careful with what you say.

Someone should have told Mullen that, though I am certain he already knew, and this was the perfect troll job.

Dan Mullen dunked on Georgia and their fans at the SEC Media Day.

Mullen was asked about Georgia being picked to win the SEC East by many media members, and instead of taking the high road, Mullen put his foot on the gas.

Mullen said (via Edgar Thompson), “Didn’t they say that last year?”


That is how you pile it on Georgia and their fans because you know deep down that they felt those words. I am sure they will start talking about 100 years ago, or Mullen losing to Georgia when he was taking over the Gators or when he coached at Mississippi State.

However, that is just a Georgia fan deflecting from the fact that Mullen got under their skin.

Mullen’s comment has led to many Georgia fansites covering this topic, and let’s just say the reaction was better than I could have ever imagined. Yes, it is only July, but the Gators are already handing Georgia L’s, and that’s before the season even kicks off.

To make it better, Georgia fans know that their head coach Kirby Smart is a great recruiter, but Mullen is the better coach at maximizing his player’s potential and getting the most out of them on game day.

And for this reason, the Gators will dominate the Bulldogs again in 2021, which will be the knockout punch after Mullen landed a great troll job uppercut!