Emory Jones is a better quarterback than JT Daniels

They say good things come in three’s, so after writing that the Florida Gators will dominate the Georgia Bulldogs this season and Dan Mullen is a better head coach than Kirby Smart, I’ve decided to dunk on Georgia fans for the third time. This time I am just reminding them that Florida quarterback Emory Jones is so much better than Georgia quarterback JT Daniels.

Georgia fans like to point out that they got their butts kicked last season because of their quarterback Stetson Bennett.

Bennett had an abysmal game. He was 5 for 16 for 78 yards while throwing one touchdown and one interception.

Clearly, Bennett was an issue for Georgia, but Gators quarterback Kyle Trask did throw for 474 yards and four scores.

Georgia fans believe that Daniels will lead them to victory, but as Lee Corso says, “Not so fast!”

Emory Jones is too good.

While Daniels will be an upgrade over Bennett, he shouldn’t even be discussed in the same tier as Jones.

Yes, both players have limited action, with Jones playing even less than Daniels. However, Daniels showed at USC that he is nothing special. We know that he will never be an elite talent at the position, while Jones has sky-high potential.

Potential is a scary word, but Jones has shown that he is an elite running quarterback so far through his career. That aspect of his game will make him a legitimate weapon all season, even if he never progresses as a passer.

However, I think Jones will show he’s an elite passer as well. Jones will prove any doubters he has wrong this year and will be a significant reason the Gators are successful.

I expect Jones to throw for more touchdowns than Daniels this season while also running for many more scores.

Gators fans should expect a lot from Jones this season, and he is a dark horse candidate for the Heisman Trophy.

There is always some uncertainty with predictions like that, but one thing is sure. Jones is better than Daniels, and it’ll show while Mullen out coaches Smart again and the Gators dominate the Bulldogs this season.