Dan Mullen’s comments about Emory Jones should excite Gators fans

If you haven’t seen Florida Gators head coach Dan Mullen raving about Florida’s starting quarterback Emory Jones, you are missing out.

Mullen could not stop smiling and showing the excitement he has for Jones, who will take over the Gators offense in 2021.

It was great to see SEC Media Day was back, and it was a lot of fun to listen to Mullen speak to reporters and talk about the Gators this season.

Mullen brought linebacker Ventrell Miller and defensive lineman Zachary Carter, who also spoke to the media.

Luke Combs also got everyone pumped up with an awesome SEC hype video.

However, it was Mullen’s comments about Emory Jones that should excite Gators fans the most.

Mullen had a lot to say about Jones, but I think my favorite tidbit was about Jones waiting his turn to start at Florida. Mullen said (via InAllKindsOfWeather.com’s Twitter account), “if you know me with QBs, I have very high expectations for quarterbacks. When I got hired at Florida. He sent me a text saying, “coach, I want to be your QB.” Not “I’m thinking about flipping schools,” but I WANT TO BE YOUR QB.”

Jones quote tweeted this tweet and said, “Real talk (with the handshaking emoji). If that wasn’t enough to show you the kind of player Jones is, Mullen went on to say (via InAllKindsOfWeather.com’s Twitter account), “look at his progression. He came in as a very highly ranked high school QB. He’s learned, grown, and developed. He’s a completely different QB than when he first came in here. I have a lot of respect for guys like that.”

I love to hear this. It is almost unheard of for a high recruit to wait his turn at a school in today’s college football landscape. But that is exactly what Jones did, and he is ready for his opportunity.

Gators fans should expect a lot from Jones in 2021 but don’t just take my word for it. Listen to how excited Mullen is to work with Jones this season:

This should be music to Gators fan’s ears, and I do not think Mullen is a used car salesman here. I genuinely believe that Jones can be special in Mullen’s offense and become a difference-maker for the Gators.

Jones has an underrated arm, but his elite running ability from the quarterback position will be why he becomes an impact player for Florida. When teams have to account for the quarterback run, they already know it will be a long day in the office.

Football season can’t be here soon enough, and Gators fans should have no limit on their excitement for Jones this season.