MUST-SEE: Luke Combs releases incredible SEC hype video #SouthOnYa

As if the hype for the college football season wasn’t enough already, country legend Luke Combs released the most incredible hype video for the SEC.

Today is the start of SEC Media Days, so this was just the icing on the cake for the excitement for SEC football to be back in our lives.

The Florida Gators will be represented by head coach Dan Mullen, defensive end Zachary Carter, and linebacker Ventrell Miller.

It was interesting to see that Florida only sent two defenders, but maybe that is with the hopes of trying to get some hype for the defense, which was not great in 2020.

Regardless, it feels amazing that we are this much closer to football season and that there is an actual in-person SEC Media Day. And, if you haven’t seen the Luke Combs SEC hype video yet, you need to watch it now!

Luke Combs will have you ready to run through a wall!

Combs tweeted the video out today:

I know what you are thinking; wow. That was truly amazing. And it was.

It got me juiced for football, and I wish it was this weekend. Obviously, Combs covered all of the SEC teams as this song and video were for the SEC.

The video ends with a friendly reminder that “SEC football returns September 2nd.”

The name of the song/video is “South On Ya,” and it is just an incredible production all around. From the lyrics to the actual video, this was a masterpiece by Combs and whoever else worked on this with him.

The Gators are mentioned twice and shown a few others times. The lyrics for the Gators are “Gators in the water” and “To the blue skies in Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia, come and find us.”

Just typing them out does not do them justice, as they are perfectly placed in the video. This hype video was exactly what SEC football and Florida football fans needed, so shoutout to Luke Combs!

I do not know about you, but can football season hurry up and get here!?