What should Florida Gators fans expect from Emory Jones in 2021?

Over the last two seasons, I have been one of the biggest fans of Florida Gators quarterback Emory Jones. The former four-star recruit and No. 5 overall dual-threat quarterback (according to 247 Sports) came to Florida in 2018 with some high expectations. Jones is a perfect fit in head coach Dan Mullen’s offense, so the excitement about him coming to Florida was warranted.

Things did not go as planned so far for Jones, as quarterback Kyle Trask surprised everyone and became a star for the Gators in 2020. However, Jones has shown the Gators and their fans that he is committed to the Gators, and he will wait for his opportunity to become Florida’s starter. It is rare in today’s college football landscape for a star recruit like Jones to not enter the transfer portal and try to find playing time somewhere else.

There is a lot to be said about Jones’ maturity and dedication with his decision to keep working hard at Florida, just waiting on his moment. That moment is now, and in 2021, expectations should still be high for Jones.

One of the biggest reasons I am so enamored with Jones’ play is that you can tell he is different when I watch him on film. What I mean by that is, when Jones is on the field, you can see him pop on film as one of the best players out there. When he runs the ball, he is so smooth and explosive. That running ability will make him one of the most dangerous players in college football this season.

Gators fans should be ready for a bit of a change on offense, but it will be for the better. Florida threw the ball all over the field in 2020, but in 2021, they should shift their focus to a more run-balanced offense. That will all be centered around Jones, who should lead the Gators in rushing touchdowns, and even has a chance to lead the Gators in rushing yards.

Having five-star Clemson transfer Demarkcus Bowman will certainly help the run game, but the offense will move through Jones. That should excite Gators fans.

Dan Mullen will help make Emory Jones a star.

The list of quarterbacks that Mullen has worked with is impressive, but I think Jones is right up there talent-wise with the best of them. Jones and Mullen are the perfect match, mainly because Jones may be known as a runner, but he can throw the rock as well.

In his limited time on the field, Jones has shown he can fit the ball into tight windows and has impressive arm strength. If you look at what Mullen could accomplish with former Mississippi State quarterback Nick Fitzgerald, you should really start to think even bigger for Jones.

With no disrespect meant towards Fitzgerald, Jones is clearly the better player of the two. In 2016, after Fitzgerald took over for Dallas Cowboys superstar Dak Prescott, Mullen was able to coach Fitzgerald to a pretty darn good season.

Fitzgerald ended the 2016 season with an incredible 1,375 rushing yards and 16 rushing touchdowns. He also added 2,423 yards through the air and 21 passing scores. If Mullen could get that out of Fitzgerald, think about what he can do with Jones, who is the better player and is at Florida surrounded by better players.

I think it is fair for Gators fans to set the bar high for Jones. I expect Jones to have 3,000+ passing yards and 25 or more passing touchdowns, as well as 1,000 rushing yards and 20 or more rushing touchdowns. I would not be one bit surprised to see Jones have 50 combined touchdowns this season with Mullen calling plays.

Today, April 18, 2021, on the Barstool Sports Sportsbook & Casino app, Jones’ Heisman Trophy odds are +6600. A simple $20 bet would win you $1,320. I am not saying Jones will win Heisman, but I am saying those odds are wild and worth betting on.

Jones is poised to become a star for Florida this year, and Florida football fans should expect a big year from their quarterback.