Florida Football: The pity party for FSU just won't stop

FSU was left out of the playoffs and politicians just keep throwing a pity party for them
Florida Gators defensive lineman Desmond Watson (21) sacks Florida State Seminoles quarterback Tate
Florida Gators defensive lineman Desmond Watson (21) sacks Florida State Seminoles quarterback Tate / Matt Pendleton/Gainesville Sun / USA

It was a terrible season for Florida football and we have chronicled over the last couple of weeks everything that went wrong for the Gators in 2023. The team went 5-7 because in the end, the Gators were not very good.

And yet, despite the defections from the program and the perceived lack of haste to hire assistants, Florida Gators fans continue to be in a better place mentally than the pity part FSU fans insist having.

Florida Football: Party Crasher

Last week, we highlighted the efforts of US Senator Rick Scott and Florida Governor Ron Desantis to get answers from the college football playoff committee as to why 13-0 FSU wasn't invited to the playoff.

Despite issues facing Floridians, such as skyrocketing homeowners insurance, the state has decided that FSU not getting to play for a national title is the most important thing in the state right now. Most of this feels like a giant political stunt aimed to garner sympathy from FSU fans, but the leaders in Tallahassee just keep poking the bear and keep making sure that FSU fans are given all the sympathy in the world.

Enter Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody into the conversation. Not wanting to feel left out of the party, she announced yesterday that she would be launching an antitrust investigation into why the Seminoles were left out.

In a statement to Politico that was later posted to her X account, Moody stated:

“I’m a lifelong Gator, but I’m also the Florida attorney general, and I know injustice when I see it. No rational person or college football fan can look at this situation and not question the result. The NCAA, conferences, and the College Football Playoff Committee are subject to antitrust laws.”

For as much as we rail as a society about kids just wanting participation trophies, has nobody taken a step back and noticed the only reason they want them is because the adults gave it to them in the first place?

FSU isn't in the playoffs because even with Jordan Travis they looked pedestrian against the 55th ranked schedule in the nation. At no point did anyone look at that squad and go "Man, I'm afraid to play FSU."

Then, once Travis went down, FSU was trailing 5-7 Florida football in the 4th quarter, who, mind you, was also playing a backup QB, and had to scrape by a Lousiville squad that lost the week before the 7-5 Kentucky.

Stringing them along with this political pity party rather than accepting that a group of people got together, looked at FSU's resume, and decided they weren't one of the four best teams in college football just perpetuates the idea that if one doesn't get their way they should just pout about it and make it their entire identity.

It has happened before.