3 teams that would be a good fit for Ricky Pearsall in the NFL

Ricky Pearsall is Florida's best player going into the 2024 NFL Draft, but where will he be selected?
Florida Gators wide receiver Ricky Pearsall (1) makes a one-handed catch for a first down during the Charlotte game at the beginning of the season.
Florida Gators wide receiver Ricky Pearsall (1) makes a one-handed catch for a first down during the Charlotte game at the beginning of the season. / Matt Pendleton / USA TODAY NETWORK

What could be the top player coming out of Florida this year into the NFL is wide receiver Ricky Pearsall. Pearsall is a top-10 wide receiver in what is a very talented receiver class this year in this year's draft.

Pearsall played five years at Florida and was able to eclipse at least 100 yards in all but one season. By his senior season, Pearsall was the Gator's top receiver and came just 35 yards short of 1,000 yards on the season. Pearsall's ability to run routes and have good speed and hands will make him a possible late first-round, definite second-round pick.

There are a lot of teams that need receivers, especially with how many teams will be dealing with new quarterbacks. So which teams could be the best landing sport for Pearsall in this year's draft?

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After the run the Ravens made last year, it seems as though they may not need a lot on offense, but they could really use another wide receiver to couple with Zay Flowers. If Flowers showed the Ravens anything it's that young talent at the receiver position is a good thing.

Looking at both Flowers' and Pearsall's draft profiles, they actually had similar performances at the Combine, Flowers just had a better overall total score. However, Pearsall had a better 40-yard dash time, a better vertical jump, and a better broad jump.

The Ravens have a late-round pick this year with how well they did this season, so they could pick Pearsall up in the first round, but they may want to get a defensive lineman with that pick. They could wait till the second round, but that would also be risking it with Pearsall's talent. The Ravens should strongly consider drafting Pearsall as it could possibly give them that extra push to get past the Chiefs next year.

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The Bills are in desperate need of a wide receiver in the first round of the NFL Draft this year. With the departure of Gabriel Davis and the Bills trading Stefon Diggs to the Texans, there are lots of questions swirling around about who Josh Allen will throw to this season.

Pearsall could be a good fit for the Bills as he had good hands and can track a ball well. His ability to layout and make catches could be good for the Bills as with the long throws Allen tends to make, if he overthrows Pearsall a little, he has a willingness to layout. While he has speed, it is not show-stopping speed, but he knows how to lose a defender and get open, and with Josh Allen's accuracy, Pearsall could be very successful.

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The Chiefs are in almost as much need of a receiver as the Bills are, but the offseason signing of Hollywood Brown really helped. However, with releasing Marques Valdes-Scanting and the team choosing not to sign back former Gator Kadarius Toney, the Chiefs need depth in the receiver room and this may be the best year to get it.

Just about any receiver that can catch the ball well will probably fit well into the Chiefs system. Even in a season where the Chiefs led the season in drops, they won the Super Bowl, so imagine what they would do with receivers that can catch the ball. Pearsall can be that receiver for the reigning back-to-back champs.

With a quarterback like Patrick Mahomes, Pearsall could really flourish with his ability to catch the ball and be a deep threat. With Mahomes being a very accurate quarterback, Pearsall could see big play after big play. With Brown, Travis Kelce, and Skyy Moore on the roster as well, Pearsall will be able to learn fast from great players, but also fly under the radar.

With the Chiefs having the last pick in the first round, it is also guaranteed that Pearsall will still be available, but if they wait till the second round, he might be gone.