Florida Football: Kadarius Toney in spotlight after untimely penalty


During his time with Florida football, Kadarius Toney felt like a cheat code that opposing teams had no answer for. But during his time in the NFL, opposing teams haven't had the same level of fear factor.

And last night, Toney found himself once again in the spotlight as a potentially legendary play was wiped out due to a ticky-tack penalty that Toney took.

Florida Football: Toney Awards

When we last checked in on Toney, he had a disastrous opening night for the Kansas City Chiefs.The former 10th overall pick in 2021 dropped everything thrown his way, and the Chiefs surrendered a pick-six on a ball that bounced squarely off Toney's hands.

Last night, the Chiefs were locked up in a tussle with the Buffalo Bills. Down by three with 1:20 to play, the Chiefs had the ball on the 49 yard line when Patrick Mahomes found Taylor Swift's boyfriend streaking down the middle of the field.

Mr. Swift made it down to the 20-yard line before he latteraled the ball backwards to Toney.

Toney ran it in for would have been the go ahead a touchdown.

There was just one small problem: Toney was offside when the play started.

The Chiefs would go on to lose the game, and Mahomes and company were not happy campers after the game.

In the following discussion, people are either in the camp that rules are rules and Toney was offside, or they are in the camp that it was a ticky-tack flag that didn't need to be thrown at that moment.

The main contention for the Chiefs is the claim that refs normally warn a player they are offside before outright throwing the flag.

Opposing fanbases have minimal sympathy for Kansas City, given some of the good fortune they have had over the years.

Either way, it wasn't a great moment for the former Florida football star, especially given the season he has been having.

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