Tim Tebow scores a fantastic touchdown from Lawrence (with video)

Another day, another Tim Tebow story from Jacksonville Jaguars training camp.

The first one was about the former Florida Gators legend catching a strike from the No. 1 overall pick, quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

Tebow making plays will be crucial for him if he is going to make the team.

And if he keeps making plays, all the people who were whining about him getting another shot in the NFL will need to eat their words.

Tebow has been doing way better than many have expected at tight end, so do not rule out Tebow making the Jaguars’ final roster.

Tim Tebow caught a touchdown pass from Trevor Lawrence.

In Friday’s practice, with Tebow playing tight end, Lawrence rolled left and threw a pass to the end zone.

Tebow started his route right but adjusted back left and dove to catch an impressive touchdown (via @cubjag).

Now, it was only 7 on 7, but the touchdown surely helps Tebow’s stock to make the team. Add in that this was a red zone period, and you can see even more just how dangerous of a weapon Tebow could be.

If he can catch passes as a tight end in the red zone, the Jaguars can get creative with him inside the 20.

Tebow will play most definitely play a New Orleans Saints’ Taysom Hill role, meaning he will carry the football as a red zone QB as well.

Just the thought of Tebow lined up at QB inside the red zone will put stress on the defense to try and stop the run, but imagine if the Jaguars run it as a wildcat formation, meaning Lawrence is split out wide.

Defenses will need to stack the box, or Tebow will power it in for one of his signatures touchdowns. However, the Jaguars can shift out of the formation and put Lawrence back at QB and Tebow at tight end if he keeps showing he can succeed at his new position.

Time will tell, but things are looking great for Tebow and his fans!