Do not rule out Tim Tebow making the Jacksonville Jaguars

ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted that “By the end of today every NFL training camp will be open, in session, with players having reported and preparing for Wednesday’s practices.” If that does not get you hyped up, I do not know what to tell you. Then when you add in that former Florida Gators legend Tim Tebow is giving the NFL one last shot, it adds even more excitement for the season.

Say what you want about Tebow, he is a legend, and he, in my opinion, is the greatest college football player of all time.

ESPN had him ranked as the No. 76 college football player of all time, which is garbage, but regardless, Tebow is a significant figure in college football.

The NFL has not worked out for him the way he had hoped and the way Gators fans have hoped.

At Florida, Tebow excelled as a college quarterback, throwing and running for 145 career touchdowns. The jump to the NFL was a failure, as Tebow’s throwing ability was never enough to succeed as a passer. However, Tebow is giving it one last attempt, but as a tight end.

Tim Tebow will make the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Many fans felt that the Jaguars should have never signed Tebow, but those fans should stop whining.

Signing Tebow was a genius idea by new Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer, and for obvious reasons. Tebow and Meyer are responsible for some of the greatest years in Florida Gators’ history. The pair won two national championships and a ton of football games.

Meyer allowing Tebow to try and play tight end is a great idea. Tebow should have done this years ago, but his pursuit of professional baseball got in the way. Luckily for Tebow, Meyer and the Jaguars gave him one more opportunity, and he isn’t going to waste it.

Tebow may not be an elite tight end, but I will add that Tebow will be an elite player on the 53-man roster. Tebow can do it all and will do it all. If the Jaguars asked him to hold field goals, run down the field on punt and kick-off, or even line up at wildcat quarterback, Tebow would do it with open arms and a smile on his face.

Tebow’s work ethic and drive to be great are unmatched, and that is why fans should bet on him to make the team.

The tight ends in front of him may be better tight ends, but they do not add the value Tebow does to a team. Players rally behind his infectious personality and elite leadership qualities. They also rally around a guy that will do anything and everything to win, and that is why you should not rule out Tebow making the team.

I believe that Tebow will play the New Orleans Saints’ Taysom Hill role for the Jaguars in 2021, and the team is counting on making that role work. With that being said, I think Meyer and his coaching staff are pulling for Tebow to not be a disaster as a tight end so they can sell it to the haters easier that Tebow makes the team.

I do not think Tebow will struggle as much as some believe, and ultimately, Tebow will make the Jaguars’ final roster. And when he does, watch out! Tebow will score a few touchdowns this season and complete one of the greatest NFL comebacks we have ever seen.