Is Stone Forsythe an underrated offensive tackle in the 2021 NFL Draft?

The Florida Gators have some significant draft prospects in the 2021 NFL Draft that have received a lot of media attention. One former Gator has not gotten much love as we get closer to the draft. That former Gator is left tackle, Stone Forsythe.

Forsythe was quarterback Kyle Trask’s blindside protector, and like Trask, it is a mystery where he will be drafted.

The first thing you notice about Forsythe’s game is that he is a monster. The guy is listed at 6-9, 312 pounds, and he looks it too. If you needed a guy to be the first one to come off the bus, as they say, Forsythe would be that guy. His stature is intimidating, and when paired with his elite first name of “Stone,” it really makes for a great persona.

Forsythe reminds me a ton of former Philadelphia Eagles and (at the time) San Diego Chargers offensive tackle King Dunlap. Both players are massive but can still move pretty well for their size. Ironically, they both have elite names to pair with their elite size.

I do not think Forsythe should be mentioned with the top, elite tackle prospects, but you can make a case that he could be a potential steal later in the draft. If you turn on the Georgia game, Forsythe dominated the top edge defender in the 2021 NFL Draft, Azeez Ojulari. Here is a good clip from Establish The Run’s Brandon Thorn that features Forsythe showing some dominance:

If that wasn’t enough to pump you up, Forsythe played an elite game in the SEC Championship against Alabama. According to Pro Football Focus’ Aaron Bloch, Forsythe has 51 pass blocks, gave up 0 pressures, and earned a 90.1 pass block grade, which was the highest pass PFF block grade earned by an offensive lineman against Alabama.

The big knock on Forsythe will be his run blocking and if he can do it effectively at the next level. Like I said before, Forsythe moves well for his size, but is that well enough to climb to a linebacker on a run play in the NFL? That remains to be seen, but I think a team will fall in love with his pass blocking.

Florida averaged over 39 pass attempts per game in 2020, and Forsythe was never the issue on the offensive line. If anything, he was a bright spot for the Gators, but he never really got the praise he deserved. Forsythe’s pass blocking allowed Trask to find guys like tight end Kyle Pitts, my No. 1 player in the 2021 NFL Draft, and wide receiver Kadarius Toney, who will likely be a first-round pick.

I think because of his flaws in the run game, Forsythe will likely be a Day 3 pick. However, a team will be getting a trustworthy pass protector, and maybe with the right situation and coaching, Forsythe can improve his run blocking enough to become a starter in the league. Regardless, I do believe that Forsythe is an underrated tackle in the 2021 NFL Draft.