With skepticism swirling around Florida Football, Graham Mertz isn't worried

Appearing on the Paul Finebaum show, Mertz expressed his confidence for the Gators in 2024
Doug Engle/Gainesville Sun / USA TODAY

It's the offseason and as such it is talking season as some would say. And there has been a lot of talking surrounding Florida Football from outside entities who do not envision a successful season for the Gators and many have predicted the downfall of Billy Napier.

We here at Hail Florida Hail have expressed some of our own concerns as well, but Graham Mertz doesn't seem too worried about the critiques of the outside world. He is out to prove himself right first before appeasing anyone else.

Florida Football: But Pawl...

Appearing on the Paul Finebaum Show, Mertz was articulate and resolute in the fact that he believes Florida's roster is much better than people give it credit for.

Combined with a newfound energy from the coaching staff and according to Mertz the vibes in Gainesville couldn't be higher.

"We're not out to prove the haters wrong, we're out to prove each other right."

Graham Mertz

One thing we here at Hail Florida Hail have said throughout is that those who have stuck around in Gainesville have had Napier's back time and again. Even last season as the year went south for a variety of reasons, effort on the field wasn't one of the chief concerns. Against Missouri and FSU in particular, with their backs against the wall, the players played as hard as one could ask for. It was the tactics in the end that let them down.

And heading into the 2024 season with one of the hardest schedules known to man, Florida is going to have to have an all hands on deck mentality. Add in the world of NIL and the feeling that players around the country are more worried about the number in their bank account rather than the number on the scoreboard, and it is refreshing to hear Gators have an intrinsic motivation which they hope will also quiet the doubters in one swoop.