Three ways for Florida Basketball to win its rematch against Alabama

Florida lost to Alabama 98-93 in overtime in February
Feb 21, 2024; Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA; Florida Gators guard Zyon Pullin (0) puts up a shot as
Feb 21, 2024; Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA; Florida Gators guard Zyon Pullin (0) puts up a shot as / Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

The last time Florida Basketball took on Alabama, it was a tale that we have seen play out multiple times this season. Florida took a second half lead only to see Alabama claw back and eventually prevail in overtime.

But with the game at home this time, what needs to go differently in order for Florida to come out on top tonight?

Florida Basketball: Changing The Tide

Draw More Fouls

Alabama is prone to commit fouls more than any other team in the country. They commit 19.4 fouls per game, which is 329th in the country and in their last three games have committed 22 fouls per game.

When factoring in fouls per possession, Alabama is slightly tidier, but not by much. Alabama is 269th in fouls per possession, committing a foul on 23.5% of possessions.

In the first game, Alabama only committed 17 fouls total, and that was with the game going to overtime. Part of that was home cooking as things like a UCF elbow to the head didn't get called, but Florida also haven't been amazing at drawing fouls all season. The Gators are 157th in drawing fouls per possession.

Beware Of The Three

One of the unfortunate things about Florida not being able to pull off the win in the first matchup is that Alabama wasn't having a great three-point shooting night. The Crimson Tide are 23rd in the country at three-point shooting, knocking down 37% of their attempts.

In the first matchup, Alabama went 8-32 from downtown, just a 25% clip. Perhaps a sign though that Alabama will have another off shooting night is that over the last three games the Crimson Tide are only shooting 33%.

If Alabama is near their season average though, it could be a long night for the Gators.

Close Out For Once

The common theme of Florida's season has been their inability to close out games. Florida had a 10 point lead in the second half during the first matchup and failed to close out.

The second half scoring margin for Florida this season is literally zero, ranked 183rd in the country.

For a team sitting at 20-9, this is a stat that should be way better.

Alabama on the other hand has a season long second half scoring margin of +5.9 points, 13th best in the country.

So even if the Gators take a lead in the second half, they have to find ways to actually make it to the finish line.