Three keys for Florida Basketball to avoid upset against LSU

Florida takes on LSU at 8 PM on the SEC Network
Jan 31, 2024; Lexington, Kentucky, USA; Florida Gators forward Tyrese Samuel (4) celebrates with
Jan 31, 2024; Lexington, Kentucky, USA; Florida Gators forward Tyrese Samuel (4) celebrates with / Jordan Prather-USA TODAY Sports

Seemingly in control of its destiny, Florida Basketball will take the court tonight against LSU needing to keep the momentum going after its massive win over Auburn.

And while the Gators are 10.5 point favorites entering tonight's matchup, here are three areas Florida needs to make sure it takes advantage of in order to avoid the upset.

Florida Basketball: The Pick of Destiny

Pressure the Ball

Something Florida hasn't exactly been great at this season has been forcing turnovers from the opposition. The Gators have only forced a turnover on 14.4% of opponent possessions, 319th in the country.

The good news for Florida is that LSU isn't great at protecting the ball themselves. LSU is turning the ball over on 18% of their possessions, 264th in the country.

Add in some home court energy from Gator Nation and the opportunity to force some turnovers and get some momentum boosting fast breaks will be there tonight.


We have chronicled all year how offensive rebounding is the calling card for the Gators and at a rate of 39% the Gators are still sitting 3rd in the country. This number has dipped however over the last three game to collecting their own missed shots just 31% of the time.

Much like turnovers, LSU isn't great at rebounding the ball. The Tigers are only collecting opponent misses 71.4% of the time, a rate that has them 244th in the country.

Block Party

Shot blocking has really picked up for the Gators over the last few games and they are now 31st in the country by blocking opponent shots 8.2% of the time.

On the flip side, LSU is prone to getting their shot blocked a lot. LSU are getting their shot blocked 6.6% of the time and rank 285th in this category.

Tonight shapes up to be a great chance for Florida to keep up the 12% rate they have had over the last three games.