The ghost of Jaden Rashada continues to loom over Florida football

The Gators are under an NCAA investigation for its NIL deal with Jaden Rashada

Florida Gators recruit Jaden Rashada smiles on the sideline during the second half against the
Florida Gators recruit Jaden Rashada smiles on the sideline during the second half against the / Matt Pendleton / USA TODAY NETWORK

It's crazy to think that it has already been one year since the Jaden Rashada saga went down. The four-star QB signed his letter of intent to come to play for the Gators, but when it was time to move in on campus, Rashada never showed. A dispute over NIL money led Florida to release Rashada, and he transferred to Arizona State.

And yet despite yesterday having plenty of good news for Gator fans to celebrate, the ghost of Rashada continues to hang over Billy Napier and friends.

Florida Football: Join The Club

Last week the Neighbors to the West were hit with NCAA sanctions over allegations that offensive coordinator Alex Atkins drove a recruit to meet with NIL collective members, which at the time was a big no no.

We also know that Miami has been under constant investigation for their NIL efforts from John Ruiz.

Not wanting to feel left out, Florida is under investigation for its handling of a potential NIL deal with Rashada.

Based on a report from Matt Baker of the Tampa Bay Times, the NCAA sent a letter to Florida back in June seeking information regarding whether or not Florida violated NIL rules. According to Baker's report, the Times requested this letter back in October and they just acquired the letter yesterday. His report indicates that the four page letter doesn't specify what the issue is, but it is believed to be in connection with Rashada.

Whether or not the investigation has gone any further and whether or not this letter is being overblown as a formality, it's a hit to the Florida news cycle on a day when there was plenty to celebrate.

Florida was able to flip D'antre Robinson after he was released from his LOI from Texas. It is believed that Jameer Grimsley is going to flip from Alabama to Florida.

The Gators also have plenty of talent taking unofficial visits to Gainesville this weekend, including top ranked defensive lineman Elijah Mitchell.

And yet if one searches "Florida Gators Football" on Google, it's a picture of Rashada that pops up.

People may come and go from Gainesville, but ghosts have a way of lingering around for a long time.