The Florida Gators love Ric Flair. Just not when he is drinking.

The Hall of Fame wrestler was asked to leave a local pizza joint over the weekend
Abbey Cutrer / The Tennessean / USA

Step inside any wrestling show and one will inevitably hear someone yell at the top of their lungs "WOOOOOOOOO" when a chop is delivered to the chest. That's a legacy Ric Flair will forever have on the wrestling business.

The man who made "Stylin' and profilin'" famous also proved that charisma and aura matter just as much, if not more, in the wrestling business as does one's actual work in the ring.

But over the weekend, the Hall of Fame wrestler was stylin' and profilin' too much as he was in Gainesville for graduation weekend. He made quite the scene at a local pizza joint that has now made its rounds all over social media.

Florida Gators: WOOOOOOO

Flair, whose real name is Richard Fliehr, has always had an affinity for the Gators. There is footage floating around of him cutting a promo for the Gators, and he has been spotted multiple times in the past with Gator gear.

Flair was in town over the weekend for the graduation of his step-daughters. He even got a shoutout from Florida's official X account.

That was the before picture as Flair would take to social media the next day to detail an incident he had at the local pizza joint Piesanos.

When asked about the indecent, co-owner Jerry Roberts told the Gainesville Sun that the "evidence was clear" on why Flair was asked to leave. He claimed in the article that they had no intention of releasing the video, but surprise, a three-minute video found its way to the internet yesterday.

What exactly happened in the bathroom that started the disagreement will forever be up in the air. Flair told the Tampa Bay Times it was a misunderstanding.

There have been rumblings of what else could have gone down in the restroom, but we will leave that for the internet sleuths.

He also told the Times he wasn't drunk when the bartender cut him off at the bar. Yeah, we are going to call nonsense on this one. Anyone who knows anything about Flair's backstory knows he is a man who loves to drink. It's his life, do you.

But Flair has been around enough bars and restaurants in his life to know that a bar has a legal and moral obligation to cut someone off if they are intoxicated to the point where it is obvious to everyone in the establishment.

And rather than go, "Thank you for your concern and looking out for me," Flair opted to make a scene out of it. Gainesville has about 874 other bars he could have hit up if he wanted to drink some more.

Ric Flair will forever be an icon in the business and the story of wrestling can't be told without his influence. Part of that story has multiple side stories like the one we saw this weekend at Piesanos.