Notable observations for the Florida Football Orange and Blue rosters

The rosters were announced yesterday afternoon and reveal some interesting placements
Alan Youngblood/Gainesville Sun / USA
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Orange Team:
Sharif Denson

Ahman Covington

Josiah Davis*

Blue Team:
Aaron Gates

Josiah Davis*

Denson is the presumed chosen one for this role after Jaydon Hill transferred in the offseason. Gates should get plenty of playing time with Davis being the only other option on the Blue Team for this role.


Orange Team:
Teddy Foster

Jameer Grimsley

Jason Marshall

Devin Moore

Javion Toombs

Blue Team:
Ja'Keem Jackson

Dijon Johnson

Ethan Pouncey

Sebastian Vargas

One of the more interesting splits as Marshall and Moore are presumed to be the main two corners for Florida this season, but pairing them with Foster and Grimsley as the rotation guys will make for an interesting dynamic.

Jackson and Johnson are two players also looking to make their breakthrough in 2024.