Graham Mertz has high hopes for Florida Football in 2024

Graham Mertz is prioritizing team success over personal achievements in a bid to transform their 2024 season.
Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages

In Gainesville, a quiet transformation is underway. The Florida Gators, led by quarterback Graham Mertz, are embracing a new ethos that could redefine their 2024 season. Despite flying under the national radar, Mertz and his teammates are cultivating a mindset that prioritizes collective success over individual accolades.

When it was announced Mertz was coming to Florida from Wisconsin, there was plenty of skepticism, including from us here at Hail Florida Hail.

And while Florida had their fair share of problems in 2023, Mertz wasn't one of them. Among his 2023 stats was:

72.9% completion rate
2,903 passing yards
20 touchdowns
Only 3 interceptions
4 rushing touchdowns

But these figures tell only part of the story. As Mertz emphatically states, "Individual stats don't matter. W's matter."

The quarterback's candid admission of last year's shortcomings sets the stage for change:

""The reality is we didn't have that [winning mindset] last year. So I think, for us and every day that we walk in, we know what our record was last year and we know what everybody says about it.""

Mertz is focused on being the leader the team needs this upcoming season. "Every quarterback is telling their team, 'Look, we're going to go win every game'. But it's how do you get everybody to buy into that and work towards that?"

As the Gators prepare for 2024, there are several questions:

Can Mertz's leadership translate to more wins?
Will the team's new mentality surprise SEC opponents?
Could a strong season propel Mertz into NFL draft conversations?

The Gators' upcoming season isn't just about improving their record; it's about proving that a shift in mindset can revolutionize a program.

In Mertz's words, "All you can do is just go out there and go win every game." For the Gators, that's no longer just a goal - it's the only acceptable outcome.