Good news for Florida Football, Princely Umanmielen's old coach isn't here either

The former Gator had choice words for the coaching staff in Gainesville

Alan Youngblood/Gainesville Sun / USA

It's finger-pointing season, and Florida Football has been the target of several former players who felt their time in Gainesville didn't fully unlock their potential. Princely Umanmielen, who previously highlighted the issues in the weight room at Florida, made headlines again yesterday when he commented on the coaching staff as a whole at his former school.

But the good news for Gator fans is that whether one believes Umanmielen was the problem or whether the coach in question was the problem, neither will be donning the orange and blue in 2024.

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At a press conference yesterday for Ole Miss, Umanmielen's new school after transferring in the offseason, the defensive end did not hold back when asked to compare his new coaches with his old ones.

"I feel like here I’m getting coached harder for things like that. I feel like at Florida, like, the way I was coached, it was kind of like, it was almost as if like they was just telling me to go out there and use my talent if that makes sense.

But here, Coach (Lou Spanos) and Coach Joyner, they’re really on me about the little things,” Umanmielen continued. “Coach Lou really goes through the progressions of the drops and the routes that are being run when I have to go into coverage.

When I was at Florida, they would just tell me to drop to this area, and I would have to figure everything else out on my own. Here they go real into depth. I feel like I’m actually getting developed."

Princely Umanmielen

The back end of that quote is certainly defamatory and carries a lot of weight to it, and while everyone has been jumping on Umanmielen for sour grapes, keep in mind he made similar comments a couple of months ago in regards to the strength coaches and everyone pretty much agreed that Florida's weight room was a problem.

And even if one doesn't agree with what Umanmielen said, you know who did?

Billy Napier.

Umanmielen's position coach while here was here, Sean Spencer, was fired by Napier in the offseason. The strength coach who ran the weight room more like a track team, Mark Hocke, was demoted in the offseason.

So if one does side with Umanmielen, those very problems have been addressed by the Gators in the offseason.

But has also been the case with all of Florida's transfers this past offseason, it's obvious none of them are big enough Taylor Swift fans to say "I'm the problem, it's me."

Of Florida's 15 top tacklers last season in terms of total tackles, Umanmielen had the fifth-highest missed tackle rate, missing 18% of his tackles. And whenever his name gets brought up on social media, Umanmielen usually chimes in, placing the blame on someone else, whether it was the coaches or his own secondary.

Umanmielen was a productive overall player on the field last season and was the second highest graded player on Florida's roster from PFF. But it seems like it is for the best that both him and the coach that oversaw him have moved on.

The fun part is that Florida will get to see both Spencer and Umanmielen this season to find out who was right in the end.