Former Florida Baseball star Wyatt Langford falls victim to the Angel Hernandez Show

The rookie was introduced to one of MLB's most infamous umpires
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Since leaving Florida Baseball and getting drafted by the Texas Rangers, Wyatt Langford has had quite the ascent to the majors and is one of the fastest players in MLB history to work his way through the minor leagues and make it to The Show.

Despite all of his talent, even Langford couldn't avoid a meeting with one of the worst umpires in all of MLB.

Florida Baseball: Ump Show

Nine times out of ten if someone knows the name of a ref or umpire it's not a good thing. The name Angel Hernandez causes blood to boil among MLB fans as the longtime umpire is not only notorious for missing relatively easy calls, but for also having a quick trigger to throw guys out when they try to call him out on his ineptitude.

Langford got to experience the Angel Hernandez Show firsthand last night as the rookie struck out with the bases loaded despite not swinging the bat.

Let's just say, in the words of Harry Doyle, some of these pitches were just a bit outside.

Langford had far more composure than most to not get ejected in that moment and he did end his night with a hit, a walk, and two runs scored. On the young season Langford is batting .245 and has had a hit in 10 of the 13 games he has played in this season. He has seven RBIs and an OPS of .619 as of the time of this writing.