Florida Football: With Micah Mazzccua gone, what might the offensive line be in 2024?

In a move that was anticipated from the Gators, it was reported by 247 Sports that Micah Mazzccua will be hitting the transfer portal. Where does this leave Florida's offensive line for 2024?
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Despite the fact that one paper Florida football could have retained its entire offensive line for the 2024 season, changes will need to be made. 247 Sports reported yesterday that guard Micah Mazzccua will be hitting the transfer portal. Graham Hall noted on social media that this move was anticipated internally by the Gators.

Mazzccua came to Florida last season from Baylor, and while he still has eligibility he did walk as part of Florida's Senior Day ceremony in November.

Now that his departure seems official, what might the offensive line look like for Florida in 2024?

Florida Football: Shuffle The Deck

Left Tackle

  • Starter for 2023- Austin Barber
  • Potential for 2024- Austin Barber

If one were looking for the definition of "Adequate SEC Offensive Tackle," Austin Barber would fit the definition. He is a classic case of just good enough in pass blocking to not be a liability, but just deficient enough that one knows Florida could do better.

He will get competition from transfer Brandon Crenshaw-Dickson, and potentially Michael Tarquin if the former Gator turned USC Trojan opts to return to be a Gator, but we would assume that for the sake of continuity Napier will keep Barber at left tackle.