Florida Football: Which transfer portal losses will hurt the Gators the most in 2024?

As it stands now, Florida has had 22 enter the transfer portal.

Florida Gators running back Trevor Etienne (7) rushes with the ball while Florida State Seminoles
Florida Gators running back Trevor Etienne (7) rushes with the ball while Florida State Seminoles / Matt Pendleton/Gainesville Sun / USA
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#3 - Trevor Etienne

In terms of Florida's most explosive and dynamic player, Trevor Etienne would be number one. In terms of a position that Florida does have some depth at and can slot in a replacement, Etienne would be like number ten on this list.

And while the narrative developed that Etienne can't pass block, which felt a little overblown, the departure of Etienne is a significant blow to the perception that Napier is building a foundation. One of his best players just looked at him and said, "I'm leaving."

Worse, Etienne opted to leave for Georgia.

There is very little way to sugar coat that Florida is worse off with Etienne leaving.

#2 - Micah Mazzccua

If you believe the online rumblings, Micah Mazzccua had some issues in the locker room. And it may seem weird placing him as the second biggest loss for Florida given the issues the offensive line had in 2023.

But what if I told you that Mazzccua wasn't the main culprit for the problems the offensive line had?

On 434 pass blocks, Mazzccua only allowed 14 hurries. Out of the 142 guards in the country that had at least 400 pass blocking attempts in 2023, his 14 hurries were 68th best. Obviously not elite, but far from the "He sucked" narrative that some tried to push when it was announced he would enter the portal.

And given that Florida doesn't exactly have an ocean of guards lined up behind him, this is a loss that will hurt Florida.

He is currently unclaimed out of the portal, though he does have a crystal ball to Arkansas from 247 Sports.

#1 - Princely Umanmielen

Many people thought that Princely Umanmielen wasn't going to be back in 2024 anyway and that he would head off to the NFL. So, in some ways, one can rationalize his loss and could put this far lower on the list.

But like Eitenne, the fact that Umanmielen is going to play college football in 2024 but looked at Napier and said "But not for you" is another massive blow to the program.

And like Mazzaccua, the narrative that some pushed of "He sucked" is just nonsense. Umanmielen might not have been the pure wrecking ball some would have hoped for, but who else on Florida's roster in 2023 was going to step up and take his place?

He will be with Ole Miss in 2024.