Florida Football: Which transfer portal losses will hurt the Gators the most in 2024?

As it stands now, Florida has had 22 enter the transfer portal.
Florida Gators running back Trevor Etienne (7) rushes with the ball while Florida State Seminoles
Florida Gators running back Trevor Etienne (7) rushes with the ball while Florida State Seminoles / Matt Pendleton/Gainesville Sun / USA
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#12 - Jadarrius Perkins

After playing all of 2022, Jadarrius Perkins just kind of disappeared in 2023. He played a handful of snaps against Utah and wasn't seen the rest of the season.

Now his 2022 play wasn't amazing and one could argue his loss isn't a big deal. But when looking at Florida's secondary in 2023, it could have used all the help it could get.

Perkins kept leaving clues on Twitter all season that something behind the scenes happened that led to his departure. He will be with Toledo for 2024.

#11 - Kamari Wilson

Two peas in a pod, or something like that, Kamari Wilson followed a similar path to Perkins in 2023.

All offseason, it was anticipated that Wilson would be one of the starting safeties for Florida. He got beat out and after taking just a handful of snaps against Utah and McNeese State, Wilson opted to sit out the rest of the 2023 season to preserve his redshirt status.

So while in one breath it is easy to say that Florida won't miss Wilson since he didn't play in 2023, there is such minimal depth at safety that losing anyone that had any promise is going to have some negative effect on the progam.

Wilson will play at Arizona State in 2024.

#10 - Jalen Kimber

In a theme consistent with the rest of Florida's defense in 2023, Jalen Kimber had a really solid front half of the season before falling off during the back half. After allowing just three receptions against Florida's first six games, Kimber allowed 15 receptions against Florida's last six games.

Yes, part of that was because he also had increased playing time over the back half of the season, but Kimber got torched against Georgia and LSU.

There was enough potential with Kimber that just letting him walk out the door wasn't ideal.

Kimber will play for Louisville in 2024.

#9 - Scooby Williams

Losing a starting linebacker is never great for a program and there was real hope early in the season the Scooby Williams was putting in together and was going to reach the lofty expectations Gators fans had for him when he originally signed.

But Williams early flash was a bit of a mirage as he struggled to read the game and had a missed tackle rate of 22%, one of the most among linebackers in the country.

Florida has two highly regarded freshmen coming to Gainesville along with Pup Howard out the transfer portal, so this should be a position Florida feels okay about in 2024.

But in a theme we are going to keep repeating, for a team still as young as the Gators, it's never ideal to lose players with experience.

Williams will be at Texas A&M in 2024.