Florida Football: Texas AD already casting stones after comments on Cocktail Party

Newcomer Texas is already trying to position their primary rivalry as the best rivalry in the SEC
Bob Self/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY

One of the hot debates upcoming for Florida Football is where to hold the annual Florida Georgia Game. With the stadium in Jacksonville set to undergo renovations, the game formally known as The World's Largest Cocktail Party will need a new home for a couple of seasons.

And while the Cocktail Party is near and dear to the hearts of many in Gator Nation, one incoming AD to the SEC isn't as impressed with the game as some others.

Florida Football: 1 2 3, 1 2 3, Drink

Texas is joining the SEC this season and thus has been at the SEC Spring Meetings this week. Longhorn AD Chris Del Conte made a peculiar claim when he appeared on the Paul Finebaum Show.

"“(The Red River Rivarly) is ridiculous. It’s the greatest thing ever. You may talk about the Cocktail Party, the Iron Bowl, it’s nothing like this game. At the state fair. Because you have 300,000 people, 300,000 people outside.

“The Iron Bowl is awesome, don’t get me wrong. At night, it’s great. Same with the Cocktail Party. But this game is nuts, too.”"

Chris Del Conte

Tell us you have never been to the World's Largest Cocktail Party with having told us you've never been. We are really supposed to believe that the game held at a fair is more nuts than the game that has tried to distance itself from its original moniker because of how out of control people got?

Problem number two with his claim is that it factually isn't true. Del Conte claims there are 300,000 people outside. And you know he means it because he said it twice.

Expect official numbers from the 2023 Texas State Fair on October 7, when Texas and Oklahoma played last year, has attendance at the fair 100,000 people short of his claim. In fact, when considering the 91,000 people at the game itself, there is almost no outside bump for the fair's attendance compared to what it draws the other two Saturdays the fair is open.

So welcome Texas, just try not to be as weird and annoying as your neighbor Texas A&M.