Florida Football Recruiting: Three key prospects who visited over the weekend

The Gators hosted double digit recruits on their official visits over the weekend
Matt Pendleton / USA TODAY NETWORK

Recruiting season is in a critical time frame for Florida Football as official visit season is now underway across the country. The Gators hosted a number prospects on campus over the weekend with hopes of getting momentum for their class of 2025.

The following are three of the more important prospects who were on campus for a visit

Antwann Hill

Landing a top-level QB out of class of 2025 won't be easy for the Gators given the presence of DJ Lagway and the commitment of 2026 QB Will Griffin. But one can never have too much talent in the QB room and the Gators appear to still be working hard to land Georgia prospect Antwaan Hill.

When we profiled Hill back in March we said:

"Hill's ability to stand tall in the pocket is evident and his ability to generate power with just his upper body is outstanding. Even in cases where he doesn't step into a throw he can still chuck it 40+ yards on the money without even trying.

The bulk of his throws on film are vertical routes, but he shows a willingness to check down as needed. He isn't a lethal runner, but he is a willing one who can move the chains."

Naeshaun Montgomery

While the QB room should be okay with or without a 2025 commit, the wide receiver room is still needing to stock up as much as it can. And while Lagway might scare away other QBs, Florida is hoping he can attract some top tier wide receivers for him to

Naeshaun Montgomery, out of West Palm Beach, might not be the highest-rated wide receiver on the board for the Gators, but he is one the Gators feel like they have a real shot with.

When we previously profiled Montgomery we said:

"On film, even though he is 6'1", his catch radius is solid, and he has no trouble winning 50/50 balls or goal-line fades. He is not a burner compared to other guys we have profiled, but he is shifty enough to make guys miss in open space.

We probably would agree most with the On3 grading (which was 185th at the time of the original writing) as route running could be cleaner and we would like to see more explosiveness, but one thing we do like is his willingness to block as a wide receiver. Where as in some films it feels like guys put in a blocking clip because they have to, it is obvious Montgomery takes pride in his ability to block as needed."

Ziyare Addison

You can have a five-star QB and a five-star wide receiver, but they do no good if you have a one-star offensive line.

The Gators have been able to snag a couple of solid linemen over the last couple of seasons, and they are hoping Ziyare Addison joins that list.

The offensive tackle from Riverview hails from the same high school as Gregory Smith, the true freshman defensive back who committed to Florida late in the 2024 cycle. Insiders are having a tough time figuring out Addison, but for now it seems like Florida will be in a battle with FSU.

Back in April we said:

"On film he definitely checks all the boxes of a higher end four-star as he has the power to put anyone on their back while also having and explosion off the line to pull around and come across the line as well as anyone.

His power feels effortless and his sizes matches up with all the other top prospects in the class of 2025. He isn't afraid to use his size either and is always seeking and scanning for someone to knock down."