Florida Football Recruiting: Noah Grubbs will soon be on everyone's radar

The class of 2026 QB out of Lake Mary will be in Gainesville this weekend
A pylon with a Gators and SEC logo sits on the field which is painted black for the game between the
A pylon with a Gators and SEC logo sits on the field which is painted black for the game between the / Matt Pendleton/Gainesville Sun / USA

The book is almost closed on the class of 2024 and Florida football and crew are about to be in full swing on the class of 2025 and beyond.

And while DJ Lagway is now on campus, he won't be in Gainesville forever. It is with that in mind that Billy Napier and crew will be paid a visit from one of the top class of 2026 QBs this weekend.

Florida Football: Grubbs Hub

Noah Grubbs is a class of 2026 QB listed at 6'4" and 215 pounds out of Lake Mary. This past season as a sophomore, Grubbs racked up 3,670 yards and 49 touchdowns. He was 5th in all of Florida in yards thrown and had seven games where he went for at least 300 yards passing.

On film it is easy to see why as Lake Mary operated a very vertical passing oriented offense and Grubbs had zero issue constantly pumping the ball downfield. Given his height, he stays tall in the pocket and even at times when it felt like he was leaning back on a throw rather than driving through it never felt like he was at risk of underthrowing a receiver.

His film doesn't showcase a ton of pressure in his face, but he is still able to demonstrate solid pocket awareness to slide to the side as needed a still deliver a strike.

Pretty much any downfield throw was within the wheelhouse of Grubbs being able to hit, including back corner throws that were a staple of the Lake Mary offense.

He did throw 10 interceptions, which among the top 100 passing leaders in Florida for 2023 was the 11th most in the state.

You can view his entire sophomore season film here.

While class of 2026 rankings are still being formulated, the site QB Hit List has Grubbs as the third best pocket passer in the country for 2026 QBs.

Grubbs posted to his X account that he will be in Gainesville this weekend for an unofficial visit, and if one really likes to plan ahead for what is going to happen when Lagway eventually has to hand over the reigns, Grubbs is a good place to start.