Florida Football Recruiting: Micah DeBose will make you regret playing football

The offensive lineman will make an official visit to Gainesville in June
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Next weekend will kick off a massive month for Florida Football as the Gators will begin hosting official visits in hopes of boosting their 2025 recruiting class and gaining some needed momentum.

One player slated to visit next month is a long shot to become a Gator, but is a great player who will make opponents wonder why they ever chose to play football.

Florida Football: Pancaked

Micah DeBose is an offensive lineman listed at 6'5" and 315 pounds out of Mobile, AL. He is considered a four-star from all four services, with Rivals putting him in the top 50 and 247 sneaking him into the top 200.

Based on film, he feels like a top-100 prospect. One of the things we want to see out of a four-star lineman is whether or not there is any doubt they are the strongest player on the field, and DeBose leaves no mystery. On virtually every snap, he knocks someone to the ground and makes them wish they chose a sport like golf or tennis.

Some of the other aspects of being a lineman, like blitz pickup, are hard to tell, but he does have the mobility to handle it if he makes the right read.

DeBose will be making an official visit to Gainesville on June 7, but the odds of the Gators landing him feel low. He is making his first visit this weekend to LSU and there were multiple predictions logged by both 247 and On3 back in February that DeBose would wind up with the Tigers.

Anything is possible and DeBose would be a great player to add, but the Gators have plenty of work to do if they want him to be a permanent fixture in Gainesville.