Florida Football Recruiting: Confusion surrounds Keon Young commitment post

The four-star safety had a commitment graphic Tweeted out from On3, only for it to be taken down
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As the recruiting cycle for the class of 2025 heats up, Florida Football has been picking up some commitments at a steady pace as Billy Napier and crew hope for a big summer push to put the Gators in prime position for the fall.

Florida fans thought the Gators had picked up a four-star safety out of Lakeland, only for the well known commitment graphic to be premature.

Florida Football: False Start

We chronicled Keon Young last month. The consensus four-star had the Gators in his top ten schools, and all predictions had him landing in Gainesville.

At the time we said of Young:

"Keon Young is a safety listed at 6'0" and 171 pounds, he is a consensus four star prospect with all four services, with 247 Sports rating him the highest at 232nd in the country and as the 19th best safety in the class of 2025.

Given his size, it is probably a fair rating. But Young also has moments where he plays like someone listed at 200 pounds rather than 171. When he gets the chance to lay someone out, he takes it. And when he needs to just make an open field tackle, he is adapt at that too."

Hail Florida Hail

Young was in Gainesville yesterday, and late in the afternoon, it looked like the visit had gone so well that he would be committing to Florida.

Hayes Fawcett of On3 Tweeted out a commitment graphic declaring that Young would be a Gator in 2025.

But as Gator fans were excited to land Young, the post was taken down, and Blake Alderman of 247 Sports reported there was a miscommunication between the Gator coaching staff and Young.

There are a couple different questions that stem from this, chiefly what was the miscommunication? Did Fawcett get trigger happy and post before Young was ready or was the offer on the table for Young not one the Gator coaching staff was ready to follow through with at the moment?

Keep the following in mind that every coaching staff in America will make offers that they don't actually intend to follow through with for a variety of reasons.

But given his legit four-star status, Young isn't someone to turn away if he is ready to commit. We'll see how this saga continues to unfold.