Florida Football: Pros and cons of the Gators adding Cormani McClain

The former five-star defensive back has committed to Florida. What are the pros and cons for the Gators?
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Final Verdict

As we wrote earlier this week, adding McClain isn't a risk free investment. There is baggage to go along with the fact that he looked lost of the field all season long in 2023.

But if Napier is as methodical as he claims with his evaluation process and he believes McClain understands what went wrong, the sky is still the limit for McClain.

No, not every five-star pans out. The success rate though is at a far greater rate than the success rate for three-star guys.

As long as there is a plan in place to keep McClain on track and consequences that are made clear up front if he doesn't follow through, McClain is the type of high upside prospect Napier could use on the roster to go along with guys who might have a higher floor than McClain, but also a lower ceiling.