Florida Football: Pros and cons of the Gators adding Cormani McClain

The former five-star defensive back has committed to Florida. What are the pros and cons for the Gators?
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Con: The roster is full

One reality is that Florida is already capped out at 85 scholarships. There have been rumblings that McClain could join as a walk-on, and if he is willing to do that, it would mitigate some of the awkwardness of finding a spot for him.

It would be cruel and could rub the locker room the wrong way if Napier is forced to yank the scholarship of a player who has been putting in the work all spring to give it to someone who wouldn't get the time of day if his name was Randy Phillips and was a former three-star rather than a five.

Pro: It can help repair the Lakeland to Gainesville pipeline

Once upon a time, Lakeland High School was a goldmine of talent who all had a one-way ticket to Gainesville. Players like Ahmad Black, Chris Rainey, and the Pouncey twins all hailed from central Florida and kept the talent pool for the Gators high.

Lakeland is still a goldmine, but Florida hasn't been able to get guys to commit like they once did.

If McClain can come to Florida and turn his college career around, it gives the Gators an instant leg up on the next four or five-star prospect to come out of Polk County.