Florida Football: Pros and cons of the Gators adding Cormani McClain

The former five-star defensive back has committed to Florida. What are the pros and cons for the Gators?
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Con: He didn't show up with intrinsic motivation

It wasn't until Deion Sanders went public with comments in September that we knew something was amiss in Boulder. Sanders was asked why McClain wasn't seeing more playing time, and Sanders outright said he wasn't ready. Worse, he wasn't putting in the work behind the scenes.

Sanders outright said about McClain that he needed to "Study, prepare. Study, prepare, be on time for meetings."

Say what you will for Sanders, but things like watching film and attending meetings are intrinsic traits a player should have ingrained in them to be successful. If a coach has to constantly be on one's case to do these things, the player's odds of succeeding are small.

Pro: He was in a better light come November

With the September comments in mind, by November, McClain was seeing the field more at Colorado and was in a more positive light with Sanders.

As McClain started to play more, Sanders said of him that, "He’s been a lot more focused."

And even as McClain hit the portal, Sanders didn't seem to harbor ill will towards his former five-star DB, something we've seen him do with other players.

"And I pray to God that he goes to a program that challenges him as well as holds him accountable and develops him as a young man," Sanders said.