Florida Football: Opener for Gators against Miami will be a hot one

If history is any indication, fans and players need to prepare for The Swamp to be a swamp
Matt Pendleton/Gainesville Sun / USA

The official start time for the opening game for Florida Football was announced yesterday and to the surprise of some, the Gators will not have a primetime game to open the season against Miami.

The end result means a steam bath for players and fans that is sure to test early levels of fitness.

Florida Football: Hot Hot Hot

Florida's opener will be on ABC, as the network is now the primary home of the SEC as CBS is taking over the Big 10. As such, Florida's opening game was given the 3:30 timeslot on August 31 to open the season.

If fans were hoping for a primetime kickoff, the Gators lost out to the Texas A&M vs Notre Dame game, which will air after Florida is done with Miami.

Needless to say, it's going to be hot in Gainesville on August 31. Historically, the high in Gainesville on August 31 is 89.7 degrees. There is obviously the chance for rain, and while Gainesville has had passing showers, there hasn't been a straight up thunderstorm in Gainesville on August 31 since 2017.

The sun will set behind the press box, offering some shade to Florida's bench before it gets to Miami, but the sun isn't slated to fully set until 7:52 that day.

One other fun fact is that Florida hasn't had their home opener not be at night since their 2013 opener against Toldeo. This doesn't count the 2020 opener against Ole Miss that was held in late September.

Perhaps the one good thing about playing Miami in the opener when it is going to be scorching is that we won't have to listen for months how the heat and hummidity is no big deal, only for a player to be throwing up in the first quarter.

Looking at you Utah.