Florida Football has 99 problems, but hiring Dan Enos ain't one

The former Arkansas offensive coordinator has been hired by Florida for an off field role

Sep 16, 2023; Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA; Arkansas Razorbacks offensive coordinator Dan Enos talks
Sep 16, 2023; Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA; Arkansas Razorbacks offensive coordinator Dan Enos talks / Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

We here at Hail Florida Hail try to be celebratory but honest when it comes to Florida Football. We pump sunshine about the Gators as we see fit, but if you have read anything on this site over the last four months you know that we have pointed out numerous flaws in the program that concern us heading towards the 2024 season.

And so it's with that in mind that while the hiring of Dan Enos brought a visceral reaction from both rival fanbases as well as some within Gator Nation, it's okay to take a deep breath and realize that not every hiring means much that will decide Florida's fate in 2024.

Florida Football: Dan The Man

Jacob Rudner of 247 Sports first reported that Enos was going to join Florida's staff as an off-field analyst to "focus on advanced scouting and head coach projects."

Enos was last seen at Arkansas as the offensive coordinator but was fired mid-season after the Razorbacks lost to Mississippi State 7-3. The same Razorbacks that came to The Swamp in their next game and put up 39 points.

Enos also has previous stops at Miami, where he was fired, as well as successful stints in Maryland and a prior stint with Arkansas.

As an offensive coordinator, there is a whole list of reasons not to want Enos on staff, and if, after months of speculation of who would be OC in Gainesville, this was the big move Billy Napier made, then we would be on board with releasing the hounds.

But Enos isn't going to be the OC in Gainesville. He is an off-field analyst that everyone will forget is even on staff three weeks from now. If one were actually to peek through the off-field staff for most schools, one would find a host of castaways just biding their time until their next chance comes.

There are plenty of critiques to go around for Napier.

Enos, as an analyst, isn't one of them.

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