Florida Football: Gators among leaders for spring game attendance

Florida had 48,000 people show up last month

After three straight losing seasons, it would be understandable if Florida Football fans were starting to wane in their enthusiasm for the Gators.

But if the spring game was any indication, hope springs eternal in Gainesville when compared to the rest of the country.

Florida Football: Spring Forward

It was estimated that 48,000 fans showed up last month to watch the annual Orange and Blue Game. Many wanted to see the debut of DJ Lagway, but many also just wanted to see the Gators play some football.

48,000 may not seem like anything to write about, but it was an improvement from the past two seasons when Florida held the game on a Thursday night.

And according to Brad Crawford of 247 Sports, Florida's scrimmage was among the highest attended in the entire country.

If you are keeping score at home, Miami averaged 49,000 per game last season to their real games. Florida was 1,000 fans off for a practice.

It is also a sign that despite frustrations, Gator fans tend to remain loyal. It's better to have an angry fan base that shows up than one who stops showing up all together.