Florida Football: FSU fans finally admit Kirk Herbstreit was right all along

FSU fans have finally turned a corner

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Being a fan of Florida Football over the last couple of years has been tough. The Gators have been terrible on the field and Gator fans have had to come to grips that Billy Napier isn't as good at Fortnite as some of his SEC commandants.

But it has also been exhausting listening to FSU fans insist that they were robbed of a playoff berth during the 2023 season. Thankfully there are a handful of fans coming around to the fact that FSU wasn't as great as Mike Norvell claimed they were in 2023.

Florida Football: It Only Took Until The First Day Of April

In case one has lived under a rock, here is a recap of the 2023 FSU season:

  • Played one good half against LSU, the same LSU squad who lost to Alabama and Texas A&M
  • Needed Boston College to take 17 penalties to win by two
  • Were so talented that all blew air together that forced the walk on kicker for Clemson to miss a game winning kick
  • Trailed Duke before their starting QB got hurt
  • Allowed Miami to be within one score and have the ball late in the fourth quarter
  • Trailed North Alabama prior to Jordan Travis getting hurt
  • Limped past Florida and Louisville
  • Were left out of the 2023 playoffs
  • Lost to Georgia 63-3

Indeed it was quite the eventful season for FSU, but oddly enough all we have heard about for the last four months is the second to last bullet point that the Seminoles were left out of the college football playoffs.

FSU fans have been mad. Really, really mad.

So mad that they have been tagging and DMing ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit to let them know how mad they are.

"You are a clown. And as a member of a clown school, I know a clown when I see one"

Zippo The Great, noted FSU fan

But after months of angst, the fans of Florida's favorite backup school have finally come around to the idea that their arms were just too short to box with God.

Super fan Thomas Jacobson Patterson the fifth of Excalibur took to Truth and Reddit to let FSU fans know it was time to lay down their arms.

"Dear fellow Florida deferments,

Like you, I had been led to believe I was only allowed to order fries twice without a protein to pair with it. This is all I was taught in our nutrition department after all. But one day I woke up and asked 'What if I want a burger to go with those fries? Can I order just one fry and replace the second option with a burger?'

My life was changed in this moment, and I then thought, 'If I have been lied to about the amount of fries I have to order, what else have I been lied to about? What if the only reason FSU was 13-0 was that they played a garbage schedule that Alabama would have waltzed through, and Kirk Herbstreit was right this entire time?'

So, I am starting a new Change.Org petition for every FSU fan to say something nice about Herbstreit, otherwise we won't be able to leave the ACC"

Thomas Jacobson Patterson

No word yet on whether or not the rest of FSU nation, or whatever they refer to themselves as, will follow suit given it is April 1st.

After four straight months of whining that would make a three year old melting down over the fact that his father turned his tablet off and not his mother look sane, one would be a fool to think that FSU fans are going to suddenly change their mind.

But then again on April Fools Day, anything is possible.