Florida Football: Five notable beefs the Gators have had over the years

The Florida Gators have had their fair share of feuds
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Dan Mullen vs Eliah Drinkwitz

In one of the odder feuds to emerge over the past few years, Missouri head coach Eliah Drinkwitz quickly caught the ire of Florida when he came to Columbia, Missouri in 2020.

When the Gators beat Missouri in 2020, the game was marred by a fight at halftime that was set off after a late hit on Kyle Trask. Then coach Dan Mullen and Drinkwitz exchanged words and Mullen wore his infamous Darth Vadar mask at his post game interview.

Drinkwitz opted for the long game and when Missouri beat Florida a year later, he pulled out a lightsaber at his post game press conference and said "May the force be with you."

Mullen was fired shortly after that loss and when asked about it Drinkwitz said in a radio interview that “If you sow kindness, you reap kindness. If you sow jackass ability, you get jackass ability.”

Drinkwitz has since tried to walk back some of his comments and claims there is no beef between him and Mullen.

What ever helps you sleep at night.

Lito Sheppard vs Jabar Gaffney

Lito Sheppard was drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft in 2002 after three seasons with the Gators. Jabar Gaffney was drafted in the second round of that same draft and both of the former Raines High alums would go on to enjoy long NFL careers.

But somewhere along the way the two stopped seeing eye to eye and it escalated to the point where Sheppard went on to accuse Gaffney of pouring an unknown substance in his gas tank and slashing his tires.

Gaffney was charged with a felony, and wound up paying $840 in restitution. The case was dropped before it made it to trial.