Florida Football: Five notable beefs the Gators have had over the years

The Florida Gators have had their fair share of feuds
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Percy Harvin vs Billy Gonzales

There were a lot of things that Swamp Kings left out from the Urban Meyer Era. There was so much chaos behind the scenes, trying to which stories that got left out are real and which are an urban legend can be hard.

One story that was left out was the tale of Percy Harvin attacking wide receiver coach Billy Gonzales. In 2012, a story came out that in 2008 Harvin grabbed Gonzales by the neck and threw him to the ground. The two were separated, and according to reports, Harvin was never disciplined.

Gonzales at the time called the incident overblown and later said "It didn't happen." Meyer at one point hinted there was truth to the story saying "Something did happen and something was handled."

Florida's Defense vs Miami's 1971 Offense

About the only thing redeeming of Florida's 1971 season was John Reaves breaking the NCAA record for career passing yards, supplanting Jim Plunkett at the time.

In order to get the record, Reaves needed 343 yards against Miami in the season finale and with time winding down and the Gators up 45-8, Reaves was still short of the mark.

Even more problematic for Reaves was that Miami had the ball and was bleeding the clock down. So to get the ball back quicker, the "Gator Flop" saw Florida literally lie down in order to allow the Hurricanes to score. Florida got the ball back and Reaves went on to set the record.

The Hurricanes were not pleased and then head coach Fran Curci called it "The worst thing I have ever seen in football."

They say time heals everything, but in a 2010 interview with ESPN Curci doubled down on his thoughts.

"I was appalled. I just couldn't believe it. I thought this was so much against the spirit of the game that I came back out later and said it was a tainted record. I was very, very angry. My players, they were just incensed. A couple of 'em were crying."