Florida Football: Five notable beefs the Gators have had over the years

The Florida Gators have had their fair share of feuds
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In case you don't pay attention to rap feuds, Kendrick Lamar and Drake have been going at over the past few weeks. Thankfully Florida Football has been spared, but it is evident the two men are going beyond just a competitive rap battle where both sides will be friends at the end.

But the Gators have had their own fair share of feuds and battles over the years and the following are five notable beefs the Gators have been involved in.

Steve Spurrier vs Bobby Bowden

On could take their pick of notable quips the two legendary coaches made towards each other over the years, with Free Shoes University among his most iconic lines.

But there were times when the banter starter to go beyond friendly and one could sense genuine angst between the two. In 2001 the Gators knocked off FSU 37-13 and were getting ready to play against Tennessee, which had been pushed back due to 9/11.

Against the Seminoles, running back Earnest Graham was injured in a pile up and FSU was accused of trying to stop on Rex Grossman.

A week after the fact, Spurrier was still fuming from the game and said the following:

"I wonder if (Bobby Bowden) instructs this type of action. Everyone in college football knows this kind of crap should not happen. And it happens over and over when we play these guys."

Accusing a rival of coach of instructing players to injure opponents goes far beyond normal banter.