Florida Football: DJ Lagway makes appearance in Gatorade commercial

The five-star QB made the appearance alongside Caitlin Clark, Josh Allen and Michael Jordan, among others
Matt Pendleton/Gainesville Sun / USA

One of the key stories in Florida Football lore is the invention of the sports drink Gatorade. Developed in 1965, the beverage has gone on to be a staple athletics all around the world.

And now in 2024, one of the bright prospects for the future of program is being featured front and center in a new ad.

Florida Football: Thirst Quencher

In an ad that played during the NBA Western Conference Finals, Gatorade ran an ad titled "IT HASN'T CHANGED." The ad features an array of athletes with in game footage that is in color, combined with training montages in black and white with them sweating out the iconic drink.

At the end of the ad, freshman QB DJ Lagway is seen in a locker room in a Willis High School uniform as he leads his team onto the field.

Lagway's spot was first noted by David Soderquist of Hightop Sports and was later tweeted out from Florida's official account.

Gatorade was developed by a team of researchers led by Robert Cade following then head coach Ray Graves wanting a beverage to help the Gators replace nutrients lost during practice and during games.

The beverage was eventually sold to Quaker Oats who then sold it to Pepsi.