Florida football: DJ Lagway continues to collect accolades

The 5-star Florida signee just keeps on showing everyone he's a generational talent
Florida Gators quarterback Graham Mertz (15) and recruit DJ Lagway hug after the game at Steve
Florida Gators quarterback Graham Mertz (15) and recruit DJ Lagway hug after the game at Steve / Jesse Gann / USA TODAY NETWORK

Florida football signed a couple of the nation's top overall prospects, but at the top of the class sits 5-star QB DJ Lagway.

Lagway is rated as high as the 4th-best player in the country on 247 Sports, and is a consensus five star player, as well as top-2 QB.

His rating skyrocketed over the past few months during DJ's ridiculous senior campaign with Willis high school in Texas, and now he's been given yet another honor.

DJ was named 2023 Mr. Texas Football, just another accolade that Lagway gets to have to his name before he gets to college.

Florida football: Playing at the highest level

It's been discussed a lot among Florida fans, but Lagway's stats from his senior year are even better than video game numbers.

In 13 games he completed 290/402 passes (72.1%) for 4,604 yards. He averaged 354.2 passing yards per game, and slung 58 touhcdowns compared to just eight interceptions.

DJ wasn't just lethal with his arm, but on the ground too. Over those 13 games he ran the ball 99 times for 957 yards (9.7 YPC). He ran for 73.6 yards per game, with three outings of over 100 yards, and 16 more touchdowns.

While DJ undoubtedly has the talent to be a program changing player, Graham Mertz will still be the guy for Napier and the Gators next season while Lagway gets used to being in college and develops even further.

We can expect to see DJ a little bit next season in certain packages, but Florida fans will likely have to wait one more season to see him be the featured guy.

But one thing is for sure. High school athletes don't get this much recognition for no reason. DJ Lagway is the real deal, and he'll take over CFB soon enough.