Florida Football: Channing Crowder chimes in on what is Billy Napier's core flaw

The former All-American linebacker thinks Billy Napier is pleasant, which is part of his flaw
Oct 23, 2004; Starkville, MS,  USA; Florida Gators linebacker #55 Channing Crowder attempts to
Oct 23, 2004; Starkville, MS, USA; Florida Gators linebacker #55 Channing Crowder attempts to / Jason Parkhurst-USA TODAY Sports

If one needed a former player from Florida football who would know about having a mean streak, Channing Crowder would be a great place to start. During his time with the Gators, he terrorized opposing ball carriers and racked up 179 tackles in just two years with the team.

And according to Crowder, current Florida head coach Billy Napier could use a bit of that mean streak.

Florida Football: He's pleasant

Appearing on his podcast "The Pivot" alongside Ryan Clark and Fred Taylor, the episode featured Heisman Trophy winning QB Jayden Daniels. The Gators gave up 701 yards to LSU this season and Daniels became the first QB in the history of FBS football to throw for at least 350 yards and run for another 200 yards.

Clark, an LSU alum, opened the episode making small talk with Crowder and Taylor and commented on the downtrodden state of Florida football.

Crowder didn't disagree that Florida is in a bad place:

"(Napier) doesn't have enough s*** to him. He's pleasant, I like him. I like him, I've met him, he named a trophy after me. He's a good human to sit down in his office and talk to him."

Channing Crowder

The point Crowder is making is that Napier could use a bit more of an edge to his personality. Think of how many sideline rants we've seen Nick Saban or Kirby Smart go on and compare that to how many we have seen Napier do. It's not to say Napier has had none, but he often opts for a calm demeanor rather than one annoyed that his third-string safety gave up a pass interference while up 52-3.

And winning a bunch of football games doesn't automatically make one a good person. See Auburn's current football coach. But there is a balance between being a well liked human and being feared at the same time.

And according to Crowder, Napier doesn't have that balance yet.