Florida Football: Billy Napier is betting on himself and still calling plays in 2024

Napier confirmed to Josh Pate that he intends to still call plays on offense in 2024
Matt Pendleton/Gainesville Sun / USA

One of the hot button issues surrounding Florida Football all offseason was whether or not Billy Napier was going to keep his role as offensive coordinator in addition to being the head coach. The offense has been adequate at times during his two years and he would have a winning record in Gainesville if not for a constantly collapsing defense.

But the offense for the Gators has been far from elite. Undeterred, Napier doesn't plan to change course in 2024.

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During Napier's debut season in 2022, the Gators had Anthony Richardson, O'Cyrus Torrence, and Justin Shorter all go on to get drafted. Florida also had Ricky Pearsall, who should be a high draft pick in this upcoming draft.

The Gators were 61st in points per game against FBS opponents.

This past season, Florida was 62nd.

At least the Gators are consistent and aren't a trainwreck like Iowa. Plus, some of the deeper numbers like points per play, paint a nicer picture for Florida, but no one would accuse Florida of having a top tier offense these past two seasons.

Given problems Florida has had with general organization on the field, such as knowing when to send the field goal unit out against Arkansas, it would make sense to bring in an offensive coordinator, even if the offense stays the same, so that Napier can give his full attention to all-around management rather than outsourcing it.

After a wish list from fans of potential offensive coordinators that included Willy Korn and Brennan Marion, Napier wound up promoting Russ Callaway to be the co-offensive coordinator for 2024.

But if one was hoping Callaway would be the one calling plays in 2024, well...

Appearing on Late Kick with Josh Pate, Napier explained that he intended to remain the playcaller for 2024.

"I think we finished the season playing really efficient on offense and putting our team in position to win. So, we have reallocated some of our responsibilities. I think giving Russ Callaway the co-coordinator title, giving him a little bit more ownership throughout the offseason and some of the things that we do in-house. But ultimately, I feel like it's in the best interest for our team for me to continue to call the plays, right, so, if I didn't feel that way I would have made a decision to make a change. "

Billy Napier

It's a gamble for sure as he enters a season when goodwill is waning in Gainesville. One way or another, Napier has to win this season, or his time with Florida will be over.

Billy Napier is betting on himself in 2024. Sometimes, a risky bet can lead to a lifetime of riches. Other times, it can leave one destitute.

And no matter what happens, Napier is either going to have plenty of material for Old Takes Exposed, or he will be remembered as the guy who wouldn't take advice from others because he thought he knew best.