Florida Football: Billy Napier endorsed by coach fired from Auburn in under two years

Billy Napier has had people in his corner. Some carry more weight than others.
Doug Engle/Gainesville Sun / USA TODAY

The vultures have been circling Florida Football this off season, waiting to pick over what they hope will be left of Billy Napier if the 2024 season goes south for the Gators. We have also chronicled here at Hail Florida Hail a number of pundits who have faith in Napier, and given the number of vultures out there it is nice to have as much support as one can get.

But some support carries a little more weight than others and Napier got an endorsement on Wednesday that may not hold much value in the eyes of college football fans.

Florida Football: You Are Invited To Leave

Bryan Harsin was the head coach for Boise State from 2014 though 2020 and was tapped to be the head coach for Auburn in 2021.

To say his tenure at Auburn was a disaster would be like saying the maiden voyage of the Titanic didn't go well, an obvious statement that still doesn't do the statement justice. Harsin went 6-7 during his initial season with the Tigers, and 31 players transferred out at the end of the season, including QB Bo Nix. Multiple players on their way out questioned the culture Harsin brought to the table, and the heat was already on the new coach.

Auburn began the 2022 season 3-5 and Harsin was invited to leave after a blowout loss to Arkansas.

It's with that in mind that Harsin, who has not coached in college since being let go, took the X to express his support for Napier, who is himself on the hot seat heading into 2024.

There is a concept when writing an argumentative essay of using rhetorical appeals. Logos is the use of facts, and Napier was 40-12 at his last program. Pathos is the use of emotion, and saying he has always handled himself with class is meant to make us feel empathetic toward Napier.

Then there is ethos, the credibility of the author to speak on the subject. Bryan Harsin was fired in under two years from Auburn and is advocating that Napier is given the benefit of the doubt.

This argument doesn't quite pass the ethos test.