Florida Football: 2-deep roster predictions on offense for Gators

Summer camp will allow things to shake out, but here is who we think is line to start for Florida come August 31
Matt Pendleton/Gainesville Sun / USA
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Tight End

- Arlis Boardingham
- Hayden Hansen

- Keon Zipperer
- Caleb Rillos

The starters are easy to identify for this group. Arlis Boardingham was a legitimate receiving threat in spots last season, but was held without a catch the final two games of the season. Hayden Hansen is a serviceable blocking tight end who didn't allow a pressure or sack until the final three games of the season.

Florida could get a boost from Keon Zipperer if he is able to return at full strength from the knee injury he suffered last spring. Don't rule out Air Force transfer Caleb Rillos to come in and challenge for Hansen's snaps, beating out Tony Livingston in the process.

Offensive Line

- Austin Barber
- Knijeah Harris
- Jake Slaughter
- Damieon George
- Brandon Crenshaw-Dickson

- Devon Manuel
- Caden Jones
- Roderick Kearney
- Bryce Lovett
- Kamryn Waites

The offensive line is probably the biggest wild card for the Gators in 2024. On paper, there is reason to believe this group will be a serviceable unit that will at least give the Gator offense a chance. Jake Slaughter has the potential to be one of the better centers in the country in 2024. Knijeah Harris had a solid season in limited action at guard in 2023. The biggest wild card is Damieon George moving from tackle to guard. Napier has stated that guard is his more natural position and he looked fine during the spring game.

This leaves the two tackle spots up for grabs. Austin Barber took almost 600 snaps last season at left tackle. His was okay at times, but injuries caught up to him and he missed the final two games of the season. Transfer Brandon Crenshaw-Dickson was at right tackle during the spring game, but don't rule out Arkansas transfer Devon Manuel from getting snaps as well.

Trying to project the backups behind this group is anyone's guess. We have a feeling the trio of redshirt freshmen Caden Jones, Roderick Kearney, and Bryce Lovett will start to sneak in some snaps. Also don't rule out Kamryn Waites from getting into the mix after he saw minimal action in 2023 following a torn Achilles in the offseason.