Florida Basketball in the final five for Sam Alexis out of the transfer portal

The 6'9" forward from Chattanooga averaged 9.1 rebounds per game this season

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The transfer portal cycle keeps pressing forward and Florida Basketball is staying active and busy in the portal.

With Tyrese Samuel gone next season, Portal God Todd has his eyes on his heir apparent and is in the final five to snag him.

Florida Basketball: Alexis, Call Todd Golden

Sam Alexis is a 6'9" forward who has played for Chattanooga the past two seasons. From Apopka, Alexis averaged 10.8 points per game and 9.1 rebounds this season.

Alexis is a no nonsense, back you down and finish at the rim type of forward. There isn't a lot fancy to his game, but he is an effective scorer who is adapt at getting to the right spot to get the ball in an advantageous position.

He is a great rebounder and was top 50 in the country this season in rebounds per game. Alexis averaged 2.7 offensive rebounds per game, which was a hallmark for the Gators this season. He is also a great defender of the rim and put up 2.1 blocks per game.

He will catch and shoot for threes, but it really isn't his strength. Alexis averages just 26% from three. Free throws are also a concern as he shot just 48% from the charity stripe this season.

Alexis has Florida in his final five, according to Joe Tipton of On3, alongside Xavier, Georgia, Mississippi State, and Providence. He is the prototype forward that Golden seems to covet and there is zero reason to believe he wouldn't fit in perfectly with Golden's system.