Florida Basketball: Are we sure Texas is ready for the SEC?

Texas Longhorns head coach Rodney Terry yells instructions to his team during the game against
Texas Longhorns head coach Rodney Terry yells instructions to his team during the game against / Mikala Compton/American-Statesman / USA

Life in the SEC can be tough, and as Florida basketball has found out in recent years the conference is far more than just Kentucky.

Next season, the conference will bring two new teams into the mix, and we are not convinced one of them is ready for life in the SEC.

Florida Basketball: Horns Down

A couple of weeks ago, Texas suffered a defeat to UCF at home. After the game, UCF starting running around the court celebrating with a "Horns Down" gesture.

Rather than go "Man, we just blew the game. Maybe we should keep our own mouth shut," Texas began complaining about UCF daring to take their sacred gesture and dare to mock it.

Then, this past weekend, while Texas was at BYU, a group of students wore shirts in a line that spelled out "Horns Down." They were asked to remove the shirts.

It is fair to point out that BYU officials asked the students to take off the shirts. It is also fair to state that BYU officials probably felt pressure because Texas has turned the Horns Down thing into such a spectacle.

The Big 12 made it a personal foul in football for an opponent to make the gesture. Does Texas really believe they will get the same treatment in the SEC?

As Florida fans can attest too, when a team has an iconic cheer or gesture, other teams are going to mimic it. It happens in football, basketball, and baseball. Hell I've seen it happen to the Gators in soccer when the opposing team score a goal.

Is it silly when the opposing team doesn't have anything one can chirp back with? 100%. But if Texas continues to get this triggered by Big 12 schools daring to have some fun at their expense, are we sure they are ready for life in the SEC?

Anyway, Horns Down.