Florida Basketball: Alex Condon takes a head shot, but he is called for the foul

Condon took a UFC style elbow to the head

Florida v Tennessee
Florida v Tennessee / Eakin Howard/GettyImages

One of the sources of frustration for Florida Basketball last night during its loss to Alabama was the officiating. There were a number of questionable moments that seemed to favor the home team more times than not.

And emblematic of the angst with the refs was a play that could warrant a suspension for Alabama, yet it was Florida called for the foul.

Florida Basketball: Headshot

Alex Condon dove on the ground for a ball and got tangled up with an Alabama player. As Condon was on the ground, Crimson Tide forward Mohamed Wague had an interesting way of going to ground himself.

Was a flagrant foul called on Wague? Of course not.

Did they even call a common foul on Wague? No, not at all.

There was a foul called, it just happened to go on Condon.

If players could deliver a UFC style elbow to opponents while they are on the ground, then everyone would do it.

The Gators would go on to lose the game in overtime.