Florida Baseball: Tyler Shelnut gets ejected because the NCAA is soft

Tyler Shelnut was ejected for having too much fun
Florida's Tyler Shelnut (6) celebrates his home run with Florida's Armando Albert (46) in Game 2 of
Florida's Tyler Shelnut (6) celebrates his home run with Florida's Armando Albert (46) in Game 2 of / Cyndi Chambers Sports / USA TODAY

One of the dumb moments for Florida Baseball last season was when pitcher Brandon Neely was ejected against Georgia following a fist pump that was deemed as taunting. Neely was subsequently suspended four games because the NCAA sucks.

Once again a rouge umpire determined to make the game about him decided that another Gator was too happy during Florida's win over Miami on Sunday.

Florida Football: Ump Show

Florida beat Miami 8-4 on Sunday to secure a series win over the Hurricanes. Along the way, Tyler Shelnut hit a home run and was amped up about it.

As Shelnut returned to the dugout, he was informed by the umpires he was kicked out of the game.

His mortal sin was that as the ball flew over the left field fence he walked down the first base line with his bat and proceeded to flip it. That hurt Miami's feelings and we can't have hurt feelings in a competitive sports game.

Never mind that everyone in the bat flips now, the umpire was determined to let everyone know that he too is part of the game.

Also never mind that when Miami hit a pinch hit grand slam there were some questionable things said rounding the bases, bat flips hurt feelings.

The problem with the NCAA is that they can't make up their mind on this issue. They banned props a couple seasons back and the official rule states that players can't do "bat flips near or toward opponents."

By that standard, any bat flip would be "near an opponent" since the catcher would there. In fact by walking down the line then flipping it, Shelnut is very much doing his bat flip away from people as much as he can.

But this is the NCAA and fun isn't allowed.

Great work guys, great work.