Florida Baseball Old Takes Exposed: Plenty were wrong about the Gators

The list of people who thought the Gators were going to get bounced early from the NCAA Tournament was lengthy
Cyndi Chambers Sports / USA TODAY

When the NCAA Tournament field was announced last week, Florida Baseball drew the most ire of any team in the country as many felt the Gators weren't worthy of a spot in the field.

After making their way through the loser's bracket of the Stillwater Regional and knocking off 11th seed Oklahoma State to secure a spot in Super Regionals, it's time to hit the flashback machine to see just how wrong America was about the Gators.

Florida Baseball: The Internet Lives Forever

There are countless other tweets we could surface as well as countless comments on platforms like Reddit who didn't feel the Gators should have been in the tournament.

Whatever helps people sleep at night because the Florida Gators are off to Super Regionals against Clemson.