Florida Baseball: Jac Caglianone sets record, and Gators lose again

The slugger has now hit a home run in nine straight games
Cyndi Chambers Sports?Special to the

It is probably safe to say that the only thing worth watching for Florida Baseball right now is Jac Caglianone. After the Gators came into the year with high hopes and appeared to be en route to contend for another deep NCAA Tournament run, Caglianone appears to be the only one in Gainesville interested in being good at baseball.

In an episode repeating itself like its Groundhog Day, Caglianone hit a home run last night and the Gators lost.

Florida Baseball: Jac Or Nothing

In the 6th inning, Caglianone launched another baseball out of orbit for his 23rd home run of the season. It was also the ninth straight game in which he has hit one over the fence, tying an NCAA record.

The problem is that no one else for Florida stepped up to provide support. Pitching was actually okay for Florida. After Pierce Coppola was tagged in the first inning, Liam Peterson was able to keep things at bay and the score was still 3-2 in favor of Vanderbilt heading into the 8th.

But the problem for Florida is that if Caglianone isn't hitting a homer every time he steps to the plate there simply isn't anyone getting on base with any consistency for Florida to string anything together.

Worse, the fielding for Florida has become comically sloppy to the point where not even Tom Emanski could solve it. And his videos usually get results.

This was highlighted in the 8th inning when RJ Austin singled, then proceeded to run all the way to third because the Gators fell asleep in the infield and couldn't be bothered to check the runner.

The joke with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for the past few years has been "Mike Trout hit three homes runs and raised his average to .528 while Shohei Ohtani did something that hasn't been done since 'Tungsten Arm' O'Doyle of the 1921 Akron Groomsmen, as the Tigers defeated the Angels 8-3."

It's reached that point with Florida where not even Superman himself can save this club.